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      The Gold Blog


      You may know her from taking home the win on season 14 of Top Chef or recognize her as co-owner of five of our favorite Los Angeles restaurants, or maybe as one of the most genuine Gold Sheep around!  Ultimate foodie, Brooke Williamson, took her passion from a simple goal and turned it into her own success story, creating several savoring LA-based restaurants varying in cuisine - her first one opening when she was just 24 years old.  While maintaining all restaurant locations with her husband, Williamson is also mother of one and is always keeping her kitchen at home elevated with delicious recipes from vegetables and food from her own garden!

      If you haven't been watching her already, she is someone that all of you foodie’s must follow!  


      How did you go from beginning to cook to the filming of Top Chef?

      BW: Many professional years in between!  I grew up in LA so when all my friends said they wanted to be actors, I knew that wasn’t the path I wanted to take.  I always knew I wanted to be a chef.  Straight out of high school I started working in restaurants and was an executive chef by the age of 22.  I didn’t actually do TV until I was 34.

      I had gained a decent amount of press just being a local chef in LA at a young age and Top Chef would often seek people out.  I got the call to be on the show 4 years in a row and each time said no, the timing was just never right.  The first time I was either pregnant or just had my son, the next 2 times I had just opened a restaurant, and finally I was like okay if I don’t do this now they are going to stop asking me.  I thought it would be a good time to push through some fears and accomplish something I wasn’t sure I could do.  And I’m glad I did!


      What would you say is your biggest accomplish so far in your career? 

      BW: Winning Top Chef was amazing, but having a successful restaurant, and specifically a restaurant that is about to hit a 10 year anniversary, is definitely one of my favorite accomplishments.  The success of all of our restaurants combined turns into my greatest accomplishment.  Going from a little girl saying ‘I want to be a chef’ and ‘I want to have restaurants’ to making that actually happen in a really grand way is truly amazing. 


      If you could eat only one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?

      BW: Oooo that’s hard.  I would say spaghetti with parmesan and black pepper.  Definitely some sort of pasta.  I’m a huge Japanese food lover too so a whole Japanese meal would be nice.  I love Ramen!

      Do you crack or thrive under pressure?

      BW: Thrive for sure.  That goes for my entire life, not just professionally.  I perform best with deadlines and pressure and multiple things going on at the same time.

      What did you have for breakfast?

      BW: Overnight oats with Chia seeds, berries and white nectarine.  It was so good!


      What is your favorite GOLDSHEEP print and why?

      BW: 100% the Pineapples.  The pineapples were the first print I ever saw on someone that made me ask where their leggings were from.  I saw a random person at Soul Cycle wearing them and I was like I need those, where can I find them.  Coincidentally, the pineapple is the international symbol of hospitality so I own a lot of pineapple things.  It was very organic in that I was like where did you get your leggings, I need to get those right now.


      What does being a Goldsheep mean to you?

      Someone who stands out.  They don’t want to blend in and disappear, they would rather be noticed for positive reasons and help out others in any way then can.  


      Want to visit one of her locations!?  Here they are!

      *Hudson House (Redondo Beach)

      *Playa Provisions (Playa del Rey)

      *The Tripel (Playa del Rey)

      *Da Kikokiko (Playa Vista)

      *Small Batch Ice Cream (Mar Vista) 


      Meme queen and lifestyle influencer, Riley Beek, shares how she has turned her humorous personality into one of Instagram’s leading comedy accounts.  While @bitc.h highlights memes and humor that is trending today, Beek has also found the time to run her own lifestyle account where she focuses more on real life struggles and relatable content for her followers to watch.  

      Do us all a favor and go follow both of her accounts on IG for a good laugh and you'll understand our obsession with today’s GOLDSHEEP!!


      How did you get started with your IG Career? 

      RB: I started on Tumblr in high school when it first came out.  It went from reposting other peoples’ content to creating my own and I actually started a comedy page that got half a million followers within the year.  I have a very dry sense of humor, it’s how I break the ice in awkward situations, so I just started making the first ‘memes’.  I would just find a photo and make a funny caption with it.  Fun fact, Camilla Cabello actually started following me on that page like before Fifth Harmony came about.  While I was doing my thing, my got into Vine in college when it was first a thing and became ‘vine famous’.  He would make funny videos that would just blow up.  We both came together and realized that we didn’t want to work a 9-5 traditional internship/job so created @bitc.h and have been running this account ever since! 

      With my personal account, I am super into fashion (I love clothes) and super into health & wellness.  I struggled a lot with health issues all through high school, with severe acre and always being sick so I saw an opportunity to help other people going through the same thing.  I talk a lot about health tips, healthy recipes - I LOVE to cook, I love being in the kitchen.  I try to keep it real and authentic on my page because that is what people relate to.  You’ll see me with zits and what not, I try to keep it real as much as I can.  We are all human.


      Do you find it hard to manage both accounts? 

      RB: They are both part of my personality, but for me I have a weird sense of humor and I can switch minds pretty easily.  We also have a content manager that helps us with submissions which is super helpful with discovering original content.  


      Have you ever accidentally posted on the wrong IG account?

      RB: All the time.  My favorite story was last year, I had my phone in my back pocket while I was going to the bathroom. My boyfriend came running into the bathroom and was like ‘you are live streaming right now’.  I pulled out my phone and sure enough there were half a million people watching/listening.  Thank goodness it was only for like 10 seconds and you couldn’t actually see anything, but because there is a high following a lot of people had tuned in.  It was bad, but I just laugh it off and have the outlook of like ‘well hope you all got a kick out of it’!  Whoops.


      Where does your sense of humor come from? 

      RB: My dad is one of the most hysterical people I know.  Both my parents have such a dry sense of humor so you either think they are really funny or you take them seriously and don't get them.  

      What does being a GOLDSHEEP mean to you? 

      RB: Being a Goldsheep means standing out of the crowd and not being afraid to be who you are, whatever and whoever that is.  With social media, so many people try to conform to the online standard or whatever is going to get the most likes or attract the most followers.  I tried for a while to be a full on fashion blogger because I love clothes so much and it just wasn’t my thing.  Getting up every morning and getting forced content - I was miserable.  When I decided to just say ‘screw it’ and post my recipes and other authentic content it was then that I realized that it was more beneficial for me (and everyone else) for me just to post whatever I wanted and what I felt most comfortable doing.  That’s when it actually started to take off. Being authentic and being who you are is what a Goldsheep is.


      What is a quality that you love about yourself? 

      RM: I love that I’m always open minded and always willing to try something new.  Even if it’s something totally out of my comfort zone.  In high school, I was kind of an introvert - as I started getting more involved in Instagram and going to events in LA, I just started becoming more of a ‘yes’ girl.  I started reasoning that the worst that could ever happen is that I do something and I decide I don’t like it.  There is nothing wrong with that and then I just decide I don’t want to do it again.  I’m that ride or die friend.


      If you could create any print on a legging what would it be? 

      RB: Omg you guys have literally done everything!  Avocados, but you guys already have that!


      Coffee or matcha? 

      RB: Coffee all way.  I have already had 4 cups today.  I tried matcha for like 6 months and it was great, but it’s not coffee. 





      Full-time sports/entertainment manager and part-time wine connoisseur, Kashi Walmer is the epitome of mom boss and if you don’t already know her….you definitely should.  We got the chance to catch up with the inspiring and always humorous GOLDSHEEP girl to learn a little about what this boss babe is all about!   


      Located in South Bay, southern California, Kashi manages her sports and entertainment agency where she spends her time representing female athletes who turn to her for their brand growth, marketing and life-long relationship building.  If you have ever had the chance to cross paths with Kashi, you know that she is humble, hardworking, and one of the most passionate people on the planet!  She shares with us that her ultimate service is to motivate people to go after their dream because she thrives on helping people achieve exactly that - sometimes people have the dream, but aren’t sure how to make it happen.         

      This GOLDSHEEP role model shares that this is not the direction that she always planned to go with her career, but looking at it now, “it’s perfect for who I am.”  Previously working in the corporate world while also playing sports, she knew that she wanted to be in business for herself and saw a need to help female athletes brand themselves.  So what better than to create a business combining the two?!  A natural born leader, Walmer made her passion come to life with the birth of KCW Consulting Group.

      When she isn’t running around town with clients, Kashi can be found at home wrangling her two kids and well, doing the essential mom duties!  We asked how she likes to wind down from the craziness.  Her response?  “Very very easy.  Sauvignon Blanc.”  (Definitely our kind of girl!)


      What is your favorite GOLDSHEEP print and why?
      KW: That’s an easy one, my favorite is anything camo.  To me, camouflage means badass/do anything/all day every day and it means money.  And I’m all about the money baby (chuckling).
      What does being a GOLDSHEEP mean to you?
      KW: Finding your light and being okay with other people not knowing your light. I think it’s really important to be your own self in a world of everybody trying to be what they think everybody else wants them to be.  Being a GOLDSHEEP is literally finding the light within you and being okay with letting that shine even if other people don’t see it.
      What is a song that you know every word to?
      KW:  Garth Brooks - Friends in Low Places.  I love every type of music, but when Garth Brooks says ‘friends in low places’ it is just so amazing.  It played at every party in the vineyard, every McDonald’s parking lot party was playing this song.  Back when $20 took you so many places in life…
      Which Kardashian would you be and why?
      KW: (without hesitation) I would be Kris Jenner.  She is somewhat behind the scenes, but always making moves and I like being behind the scenes.  People not really knowing what I’m doing or why I’m there, but knowing that I’m always up to something. 
      What is your life mantra?
      KW: It’s a chapter in your book meaning when things come up I always say to my clients “write this down, it’s just a chapter in your book’.  That can be the book of whatever your life is.  It’s important to think and reflect on the things that we go through so you can look back on what you have already overcome.



      Combine boss babes, fab workouts and America’s favorite junk food and you will find fitness duo, Joanna and Grace Park, making all of our balanced diet dreams come true.  The faces behind IG account and blog @exercisewithextrafries have proved that a healthy lifestyle can include a balanced combo of workout classes, healthy foods and ‘extra fries’.  The girls share their motivation tips below and how their fitness business has made their sibling bond that even stronger! 

      How did you get started with your blog and IG account, @exercisewithextrafries?
      JP: We both had our own accounts and we would go to work out classes together and would fight to see who could post the photo first after class.
      GP:  We would literally sit in the car and race to see who could post first.  All of our friends were seeing the same photo twice so we thought ‘why don’t we just start one joined account’.
      How did the name come about?
      JP: We’re all about balance and we are obsessed with fries so we just threw some names around this one stuck!
      Did you both grow up working out and going to fitness classes?
      JP: No, it was very new for us. I wasn’t very active in high school, but once I got into workout classes and group fitness classes it turned into something. I got hooked on Bar Method and that’s what made me fall in love with classes!
      GP: I played field hockey in high school and was always fairly active, but my when I started doing crossfit, I hurt myself and got patellar tendinitis.  I started doing rehab with a personal trainer and a physical therapist and that’s how I started learning about fitness and getting into working out.
      What is your favorite quality about each other?
      JP: Grace is very organized and very driven.  When she has a goal in mind she sets up the perfect plan to achieve that goal.  I love that about her.
      GP: Joanna is really creative. I can figure out the organization and everything, but Joanna is the one that sees the creative direction of how it needs to get done. (ex: flat lays and content creation photo ideas).  I organize the content calendar and she edits all of our photos so it is a really good balance!

      Is this the direction you knew you wanted the blog to go when you started?
      JP: Absolutely not.  When we started the account we did not have the intention for it to get this big, we were honestly just having fun with it.  Because there is a 5 year gap between us, we weren’t very close growing up so this definitely brought us a lot closer. 
      What’s one thing that gets you out of bed every morning?
      JP: Grace sometimes literally gets me out of bed in the morning if I am wanting to ‘call in sick’ or take a day off.  I have learned that I need to get a good sweat in before I start my day or else I get a little cranky.
      GP: I most likely would have paid for a workout class and I don’t want to pay the cancellation fee so I need to get out of bed and get to the class!
      What’s something that people may not know about you guys?
      GP: I’m in school for my JDMBA degree (so my law degree and my MBA) which some people may not know just looking at our account.
      JP: Hmmmm…..I failed PE in high school which is kinda ironic….
      What are your favorite Goldsheep prints?
      GP: (without hesitation) omg the Corgis!  
      JP:  Definitely the donuts and the unicorns.
      Pet peeves about each other? 
      GP: Joanna is so messy. But it’s okay because I clean up after her :)  It’s a good balance.
      What does being a Goldsheep mean to you?
      JP: I feel like a Goldsheep girl is fun, outgoing, very welcoming, friendly.  You love their energy and they are the ones when you walk into a room and they instantly stand out from the rest of the crowd.  
      GP: And they aren’t afraid to just be silly.  That’s one thing especially that we do on our account.  Some people take fitness so serious, but it doesn’t have to be that way, you can have fun with it - that’s how you enjoy life!



      We got the chance to catch up with professional make-up artist and rad Goldsheep girl, Mallorie Mason, to learn some cosmetic tips and tricks and what being a Goldsheep means to her!!  


      First, tell us a little bit about Mallorie...

      MM: I am a professional makeup artist of 10 years.  I do television, commercial, print, weddings, eye lash extensions, micro blading, waxing and sometimes serve as a personal stylist.  I keep myself busy to say the least!  I'm based in Orange County, CA, but love traveling for work and doing projects that allow me to see different places in the world!  From a young age I knew I wanted to be a makeup artist and I am now getting to live that dream.  I love it.


      What is one product that you can't leave the house without?

      MM: Moisturizer.  Without this, your face can become extremely dry and can lead to wrinkles.  If we're talkin more along the lines of actual make-up, I would definitely say mascara.  100%.  Mascara opens up your eyes and makes you look awake.  After a long day at work,, sometimes that's needed!!


      What is one make-up top that you feel everyone else should know?

      MM: Curling your eyelashes can go a long way.  Your eyes are the first thing people see when they look at you so you want to make a good first impression.  When you don't look awake or just look tired, this is going to be what someone remembers of you.  It's so easy to make your eyes pop and it makes you feel that much more confident throughout the day.


      What is the last thing you splurged on?

      MM: My car!  2018 Jaguar F-Pace.  It was my first real 'woman' purchase and has been a dream car of mine for a while now.  It feels so good to see my hard work pay off this way.


      Which Kardashian are you and why?

      MM: I relate most to Khloe because growing up, I was always the one in my family that looked a little different than everyone else and I always had different goals in life than they did.  I am not necessarily as confident as Khloe, I absolutely LOVE her for that, but I do feel like an outside at times.  I never wanted your average 9-5 job and went a different path with schooling/my career, which made it difficult for the other generations in my family to understand what it was I wanted. 


      What does being a Goldsheep mean to you?

      MM: Not having to live up to the stereotype of what the world wants you to live up to.  I've done everything everyone told me NOT to do and now I'm in a place where people are telling me I'm doing so great.  It just provide to me that everyone's paths are alike and THAT'S OKAY. 

      The norms have changed and it's important that we create a culture for young women to know that you don't have to go the straight and narrow.  We don't have to do what previous generations did - times are different now and we are all able to shine in our own unique way.