Full-time sports/entertainment manager and part-time wine connoisseur, Kashi Walmer is the epitome of mom boss and if you don’t already know her….you definitely should.  We got the chance to catch up with the inspiring and always humorous GOLDSHEEP girl to learn a little about what this boss babe is all about!   


Located in South Bay, southern California, Kashi manages her sports and entertainment agency where she spends her time representing female athletes who turn to her for their brand growth, marketing and life-long relationship building.  If you have ever had the chance to cross paths with Kashi, you know that she is humble, hardworking, and one of the most passionate people on the planet!  She shares with us that her ultimate service is to motivate people to go after their dream because she thrives on helping people achieve exactly that - sometimes people have the dream, but aren’t sure how to make it happen.         

This GOLDSHEEP role model shares that this is not the direction that she always planned to go with her career, but looking at it now, “it’s perfect for who I am.”  Previously working in the corporate world while also playing sports, she knew that she wanted to be in business for herself and saw a need to help female athletes brand themselves.  So what better than to create a business combining the two?!  A natural born leader, Walmer made her passion come to life with the birth of KCW Consulting Group.

When she isn’t running around town with clients, Kashi can be found at home wrangling her two kids and well, doing the essential mom duties!  We asked how she likes to wind down from the craziness.  Her response?  “Very very easy.  Sauvignon Blanc.”  (Definitely our kind of girl!)


What is your favorite GOLDSHEEP print and why?
KW: That’s an easy one, my favorite is anything camo.  To me, camouflage means badass/do anything/all day every day and it means money.  And I’m all about the money baby (chuckling).
What does being a GOLDSHEEP mean to you?
KW: Finding your light and being okay with other people not knowing your light. I think it’s really important to be your own self in a world of everybody trying to be what they think everybody else wants them to be.  Being a GOLDSHEEP is literally finding the light within you and being okay with letting that shine even if other people don’t see it.
What is a song that you know every word to?
KW:  Garth Brooks - Friends in Low Places.  I love every type of music, but when Garth Brooks says ‘friends in low places’ it is just so amazing.  It played at every party in the vineyard, every McDonald’s parking lot party was playing this song.  Back when $20 took you so many places in life…
Which Kardashian would you be and why?
KW: (without hesitation) I would be Kris Jenner.  She is somewhat behind the scenes, but always making moves and I like being behind the scenes.  People not really knowing what I’m doing or why I’m there, but knowing that I’m always up to something. 
What is your life mantra?
KW: It’s a chapter in your book meaning when things come up I always say to my clients “write this down, it’s just a chapter in your book’.  That can be the book of whatever your life is.  It’s important to think and reflect on the things that we go through so you can look back on what you have already overcome.



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