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Meme queen and lifestyle influencer, Riley Beek, shares how she has turned her humorous personality into one of Instagram’s leading comedy accounts.  While @bitc.h highlights memes and humor that is trending today, Beek has also found the time to run her own lifestyle account where she focuses more on real life struggles and relatable content for her followers to watch.  

Do us all a favor and go follow both of her accounts on IG for a good laugh and you'll understand our obsession with today’s GOLDSHEEP!!


How did you get started with your IG Career? 

RB: I started on Tumblr in high school when it first came out.  It went from reposting other peoples’ content to creating my own and I actually started a comedy page that got half a million followers within the year.  I have a very dry sense of humor, it’s how I break the ice in awkward situations, so I just started making the first ‘memes’.  I would just find a photo and make a funny caption with it.  Fun fact, Camilla Cabello actually started following me on that page like before Fifth Harmony came about.  While I was doing my thing, my got into Vine in college when it was first a thing and became ‘vine famous’.  He would make funny videos that would just blow up.  We both came together and realized that we didn’t want to work a 9-5 traditional internship/job so created @bitc.h and have been running this account ever since! 

With my personal account, I am super into fashion (I love clothes) and super into health & wellness.  I struggled a lot with health issues all through high school, with severe acre and always being sick so I saw an opportunity to help other people going through the same thing.  I talk a lot about health tips, healthy recipes - I LOVE to cook, I love being in the kitchen.  I try to keep it real and authentic on my page because that is what people relate to.  You’ll see me with zits and what not, I try to keep it real as much as I can.  We are all human.


Do you find it hard to manage both accounts? 

RB: They are both part of my personality, but for me I have a weird sense of humor and I can switch minds pretty easily.  We also have a content manager that helps us with submissions which is super helpful with discovering original content.  


Have you ever accidentally posted on the wrong IG account?

RB: All the time.  My favorite story was last year, I had my phone in my back pocket while I was going to the bathroom. My boyfriend came running into the bathroom and was like ‘you are live streaming right now’.  I pulled out my phone and sure enough there were half a million people watching/listening.  Thank goodness it was only for like 10 seconds and you couldn’t actually see anything, but because there is a high following a lot of people had tuned in.  It was bad, but I just laugh it off and have the outlook of like ‘well hope you all got a kick out of it’!  Whoops.


Where does your sense of humor come from? 

RB: My dad is one of the most hysterical people I know.  Both my parents have such a dry sense of humor so you either think they are really funny or you take them seriously and don't get them.  

What does being a GOLDSHEEP mean to you? 

RB: Being a Goldsheep means standing out of the crowd and not being afraid to be who you are, whatever and whoever that is.  With social media, so many people try to conform to the online standard or whatever is going to get the most likes or attract the most followers.  I tried for a while to be a full on fashion blogger because I love clothes so much and it just wasn’t my thing.  Getting up every morning and getting forced content - I was miserable.  When I decided to just say ‘screw it’ and post my recipes and other authentic content it was then that I realized that it was more beneficial for me (and everyone else) for me just to post whatever I wanted and what I felt most comfortable doing.  That’s when it actually started to take off. Being authentic and being who you are is what a Goldsheep is.


What is a quality that you love about yourself? 

RM: I love that I’m always open minded and always willing to try something new.  Even if it’s something totally out of my comfort zone.  In high school, I was kind of an introvert - as I started getting more involved in Instagram and going to events in LA, I just started becoming more of a ‘yes’ girl.  I started reasoning that the worst that could ever happen is that I do something and I decide I don’t like it.  There is nothing wrong with that and then I just decide I don’t want to do it again.  I’m that ride or die friend.


If you could create any print on a legging what would it be? 

RB: Omg you guys have literally done everything!  Avocados, but you guys already have that!


Coffee or matcha? 

RB: Coffee all way.  I have already had 4 cups today.  I tried matcha for like 6 months and it was great, but it’s not coffee. 



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