Goldsheep is a vibrant, one-of-a-kind legging brand that is dedicated to bringing light to favorable images and putting them on legs for the rest of the world to wear. Goldsheep dedicates everyday to hand-making each piece in their Orange County warehouse and share a passion for making their customers feel like they can embrace their individuality with every wear. Goldsheep is inspired by the special uniqueness people have inside, but most importantly, by Keri’s grandmother. Shirley embodies her individuality and independence and is what we call, the ULTIMATE Goldsheep.


Grandma Shirley and Keri Wilson 



What began as a simple concept on Keri’s New York studio floor soon became the core of every Goldsheep legging. Founder and head designer, Keri Wilson, has always loved the idea of transferring art onto leggings and wanted to create a movement blending both art and fashion where others could join in on her journey. The initial idea of Goldsheep was born in Southern California where Keri began by spray-painting murals and sewing her friend’s clothes. After moving to New York, Keri was able to capture even greater inspiration that eventually sparked the concept of Goldsheep.  

Today, Goldsheep is headquartered and manufactured in beautiful Orange County, California where creativity continues to grow and the brand continues to expand. There is a story behind every design which makes each collection more empathetic and even more favorable than the last.