A GOLDSHEEP is someone who uses their god given or "GOLDEN GIFT" to shine light and give back to others. A GOLDSHEEP is guided by their light, inspiring others to be their best self, and always looking for the good in every situation (because why not?!) Good, bad or indifferent, everything happens for a reason and GOLDSHEEP recognizes that. They seek the chance to stand out in this amazing world that we are blessed to live in and break the mold of what society says is the norm. GOLDSHEEP takes on everything with fearless state of mind and always know that anything is possible. There is no such thing as a black sheep in a GOLDSHEEP world.



 Being a part of the GS Family is all about giving back to others and letting your inner light shine through to make a difference. By the gift of leggings, we love to share our expressions, obsessions and individuality on our legs and know you want to do the same!

To show you how much your support means, we will provide free product, exclusive launch previews, event invites, discounts and more. And in return, you'll be helping expand the GOLDSHEEP movement!

Being part of our movement means being a part of something bigger and joining a community of people that share the same mission: to stand out in the crowd and #BETHEGOLDSHEEP




- Exclusive discount code for you and your followers

- You will be featured on OUR social media

- Networking opportunities with other influencers

- Personal invites to GOLDSHEEP events

- A great opportunity to grow your own social following



Here are a few tips on how to create the best content, and also what to avoid!


Some of the best workouts are in GOLDSHEEP and we want you to capture that! On a bike, outside class, or a Sunday hike. Bring us along and show us your favorite spots!


Because we know that some days call for no makeup and messy hair, send us a few pics of just your legs with some of your other favorite things! We are all about those lazy days.


We love to see how you style your leggings, because they aren't just for those fitness classes! Throw on a cute sweater or matching tank and share your best Goldsheep #OOFT (Outfit of the Day)


- Mirror selfies. Selfies are bomb, just not for professional content :)

- Dark or poorly lit settings, we want to see you sparkle!

- Awkward cropping of the leggings. Our customers want to see all the cute patterns in all their glory!



Ready to take on your new role as a GOLDSHEEP Ambassador? Good, because we are ready for you! We appreciate you believing in us and the movement we are creating and we can't wait for you to be a part of it with us. You are a direct representation of GOLDSHEEP and play an important role in shaping the future of GOLDSHEEP!
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