Kaylee Ricciardi Legging

  • New high-waist fit
  • Available in a 7/8" crop
  • Made with high performance Polyester/Spandex blend fabric
  • Moisture wicking and quick drying to keep you cool and comfortable
  • Hand wash in cold water only, lay flat to dry
  • Made with love in Orange County, CA

About Kaylee: I have always loved being creative from as young as I can remember.  It's been my outlet. I was shy growing up and didn't have a lot of friends when i was young so drawing became my best friend.  As I got older, I attempted different paths of study in school which led to me falling out of touch with art as a whole.  I was not given the option to pursue art in college because my parents wanted me to focus on a major that could present more job opportunities. It's actually been ironic because every job i've had post graduation has involved me being a creative. I've realized I was born a creative and I will forever stay a creative. Last year, I had my first art show which was a big moment for me (especially because of what I felt I could prove to my family).  I'm at a point in my life where any chance I can get to express myself creatively I jump on because that's what makes me feel the best, it feels right. My hopes with this capsule collection is that people will get to enjoy one of my sketches and be able to rock it on their bodies... such a weird thought but i couldn't be more excited!


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