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  • Girl Scout Troop 6000 - Our Little Goldsheep Girls
  • Taylor Tate
Girl Scout Troop 6000 - Our Little Goldsheep Girls

When we heard the story of Girl Scout Troop 6000, we knew instantly that we wanted to get involved.  These girls needed Goldsheep, and they needed it now.   

Girl Scout Troop 6000 is located in Queens, New York, and is specially designed to serve the girls living in the New York City Shelter System. Designed to provide the girls with a welcome and consistent environment, the troop was started out of a Sleep Inn by Giselle Burgess, a community engagement specialist for Girl Scouts of Greater New York.  The troop’s goal is to sustain this program for the 22 girls and their leaders in Queens, and to expand it to serve even more.  

The girls are given stability and support from the troop and as firm believers in chasing dreams, we wanted them to know that Goldsheep believes in each and every one of them.  Goldsheep was created to bring out the light inside everyone and from the story we heard behind the troop, we are so unbelievably proud of each scout member that is shining bright, no matter their circumstances. 

We feel extremely passionate about Troop 6000 and wanted to be able to help in any way we could which is why on every pair of Troop Goldsheep and GS Cookies purchased through the month of May, 15% of the net proceeds will be donated to Troop 6000.  We are so excited to see these girls get the chance to chase their dreams and even better, be little Goldsheep Girls.




  • Taylor Tate

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