This fitness & lifestyle Goldsheep is making moves in the industry and watch out, because she is only just getting started.  Katie Dunlop, founder of Love Sweat Fitness, sat down to talk with us about how her personal journey has turned into her own fitness and lifestyle empire. 

Launching in 2014, LSF went from a ‘what if’ to reality for Katie when she shared her personal 45-pound weight loss transformation photo online to help motivate other girls on a similar journey.  Through the power of social media, Katie tells us that her photo just happened to get shared a bunch of times and everything took off from there!  Love Sweat Fitness has turned into a community of over 400,000 women, each sharing and motivating each other to find their happy and healthy hot body. 

“All of my workouts are less than 30 minutes which is nice because you can get a good workout in without necessarily spending hours at the gym.  I love going to the gym for a change of scenery sometimes, but I wanted to create workouts that could be easily done while on vacation or in the comfort of your own apartment or dorm room.”

Through a massive following on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, the fitness entrepreneur uses her confidence and motivation to drive other women in making the healthy life changes they may struggle going through alone.      

With a transformation in lifestyle comes challenges, but Katie has had her husband by her side every step of the way.  “He has been my biggest supporter and motivator since the very beginning.  He has truly helped me find that inner confidence and allowed me to feel confident enough to find myself.  I struggled finding that for a while.”   


Dunlop uses her platform to uplift girls striving for the same healthy lifestyle and we are honored that she brings Goldsheep along for the ride!!  We asked the LSF creator to share what being a Goldsheep means to her: “I think it all goes back to confidence.  For me, it means feeling comfortable in your own skin and being able to let yourself shine, no matter what society is portraying.  It’s about feeling proud and confident enough to do you - what ever that may look like!”

Guilty pleasure?

Champagne and cheese (without hesitation)

Coffee or matcha?


Best workout for stress relief?

HIIT!  I love these because they're so fast you don't have time to think too much.  If I'm feeling stressed out or overwhelmed, I love doing one of my Hot Body HIIT workouts because they only take about 20 minutes.  Just enough time to sweat out whatever's stressing me out and move on with my day!

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